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Yamashita EGI-O Q LIVE Search 490 Glow

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Generates wavelengths around 490 nm for easy viewing of squid. Appeal to squid with blue-green light. In addition, “High cuttlefish easy to perceive” high appeal rattle which generates sound around 600 Hz is also equipped!

YAMASHITA Eiga Q LIVE search which elucidated the rattle sound which squid is pleased with by thorough ecological research uniquely and has invited squid intensely by sound. In this time, YAMASHITA focused on visual aim to further enhance searching ability to aim for high-activity squid. And by ecological studies we developed a luminescent color that squid can easily see. It is 490 glow color that added the new appeal element and enhanced the search ability more.

Luminescence from the body of the egg is scattered through turbidity in the water. “490 glow” is a light emission with a wavelength of around 490 nm, which is most easily absorbed by the eye sight material “rhodopsin” of the squid, and this light can be expected to appeal to squid more by scattering through turbidity in the water. In addition, the squid has a high ability to feel light and dark, sensitively senses the color and light contrast with the surroundings, so especially when the maze such as morning and evening or in the dark time, the scattered 490 glow surroundings The contrast of the squid will be created, making it easy to appeal to squid.

With 490 glow emission and reflection of the underlying tape, we can efficiently find squid with increased activity due to light intensity change at maze of morning and evening. Or it will appeal its presence strongly even in situations where the light intensity is low, such as at the time of the floor, muddy tide, low light. Squids never miss the 490 glow emission even in the shadows around high structure such as high algae and large rocks. 490 Keywords that make the best use of glow are “muddy tide, fence, low light”.

EGUI Q LIVE search not only includes rattling sounds that are most audible to squid, but also a warm jacket that appeals with heat as if the egg is alive is adopted. By adding a new appeal element of light emission to the reflection of the base tape (body), it is possible to find a squid of high activity more effectively. Find by sound, invite with light and movement, let me embrace with heat. An egg with an ability to search without blind spots by addition of appealing elements.






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