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Major Craft X-RIDE XRS-862E

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In addition to 10 years of experience and technology of major craft, NEW rod, X-RIDE <Croslide>, which made new trial feedback, finally debuted.
A new manufacturing method, “Cross Force Plus”, which double-tapes “Cross Force” to the plain weave mesh and tightens it, is applied to the butt section to thoroughly strengthen the rigidity against twisting. We have succeeded in sublimating high elasticity, high rigidity, high sensitivity and lightweight at a high level by using “Cross force” in the belly part and using all titanium as the guide.
It brings out the power of Angler more than enough, and a dramatic drama that has never been seen in the field is developed.
With <Croslide>, it will entertain the saltwater game that is one step further.
I would like you to experience the major craft ism that keeps running hot without getting cold.