Shout! KUDAKO Jigging Hook

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From the coastal waters of the big game, until the overseas expedition.
Speaking of power hook, Kudako.
Nuwajima, Seto of Kudako. Strongest win a monster hook [KUDAKO].
“KUDAKO” development in order to win over large yellowtail, amberjack, the Kingfish.
Use the tough high carbon carbon steel in lightweight The material.
Eliminating the take root consuming and thread, it promises to hooking to ensure mouth sleep.
It sticks wide holding gay-flops for holding a long taper hook point and the target can be performed without stress the weighted moving from the beginning to Gape.
Then, considering use as an assist hook with thread with thick tension, Kudako maximum is characteristic up eye (outer bending ring).
Of course, using the split ring to exert a balance also excellent when mounted to Riaai.

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Shout! KUDAKO Hook

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