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YAMAGA Blanks Galahad 52/10 S

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YAMAGA Blanks Galahad series of jigging rod.
Galahad have been designed to adjust modernistic jigging scene with techniques and skills which have been accumulated for a long time period.

If you wish to aim huge Kingfish, large dogtooth tuna around 200m depth of water or huge kingfish feeding on the fish bed, this 52/10S which is specialized for high pitch jerk will be the perfect choice. You can transfer your loading to metal jig with small motion easily thanks to the high modulus design of blank. So, you can jerk very quickly as you wish to even in quite deep water. Although it has toughness and durability to keep unexpected big target under control on the butt section, it bends much smoother than you expected. The angler who aim monstrous fish with heavy line and high tension of the drug system, do not hesitate to take this 52/10S.

Galahad 52/10S can high elasticity to let jig move speedily and aggressively when you jerk vertically.
We have succeeded to load high sensitivity to sense small vital information, ease of manipulation to reduce the physical burden and high speed of response to transfer your input power. You can jerk both short and long strokes as you wish easily.


Length Weight Section Lure Line Carbon
1582mm 290g 1pc Jig Max 300g Max PE 6 89%