////Z-Man Scented Paddler Z 5″

Z-Man Scented Paddler Z 5″

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A segmented body and thin paddle tail allow the PaddlerZ to be fished as twitch-, wake-, or swimbaits, on both fast and slow retrieve speeds. Perfect whether paired with a jighead or a weighted swimbait hook, the PaddlerZ is ideal for inshore saltwater applications on either coast due to its subtle tail movement, side-to-side wiggle, and scent impregnation. For freshwater anglers, the PaddlerZ is ideal for topwater applications like buzzing through the grass and also is a perfect swim jig or umbrella rig trailer.

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Z-Man Scented PaddlerZ 5"

Scented PaddlerZ 5" Bad Shad, Scented PaddlerZ 5" Goldrush, Scented PaddlerZ 5" Houdini, Scented PaddlerZ 5" Redbone, Scented PaddlerZ 5" Rootbeer Gold, Scented PaddlerZ 5" Shiner