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Storage performance, expandability, mobility improvements

Your own original waist bag and shoulder bag series for Egi (wood lures).
The MOLLE system is adopted, which can freely assemble a sub-pocket and accessories compatible with the system according to the situation.

Incorporating a large pocket on the front side and a small pocket on each side to accommodate plenty of small items.
The water-resistant fastener and PVC-coated polyester cloth prevent water infiltration as much as possible.

● Number of Egi (wood lures) stored: 20 (up to No. 4 Egi)
● Size: 180 × 255 × 110 mm
● Max. waist belt size: 135 cm

Taimen & Washable System

The two-stage (four-stage) face-to-face storage ensures smooth Egi (wood lure) selection and taking out while storing up to 20 (10) Egi (wood lures) and a maximum size of No. 4 Egi (wood lure).
Possible to accommodate minnows and jigs individually.
* Figures in parentheses are for the MW-W10 and MS-10.The plastic rack can be easily removed and the product can be washed with Egi (wood lures) in it.
It can be replaced with a different box, thus responding to every situation.
MOLLE System
Sub pockets and accessories corresponding to the system can be secured more tightly by alternately knitting the belt (webbing) on the front side of the bag and the belt of the waist bag or your pants for various customization.
(The images shows an installation example of Sub Pocket 1416 and MS Rod Rack)