Jig Star Ninja II Jig Hook

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Jig Star Jig Hooks are chosen for their high strength, extended point, longevity and great value.

Available sizes are 9/0, 11/0 & 13/0.

The new Ninja II jig Hook design has evolved to a shorter, curved point with smaller barb for easier penetration.

A change from a black finish to a proven tinned saltwater coating makes the hook an attractive part of the lure especially when enhanced with an octopus skirt or tied as a fly.

Available sizes are 9/0, 11/0 & 13/0.

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JigStar NinjaII Jig Hook

JigStar NinjaII 11/0 Jig Hook 3pack, JigStar NinjaII 13/0 Jig Hook 4pack, JigStar NinjaII 9/0 Jig Hook 3pack