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YAMAGA Blanks Mebius 88L

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YAMAGA Blanks releases new eging series. We have put our accumulated techniques and knowledges into “Mebius” series.
We think that there are lots of meanings we release new eging rod series on our 10th anniversary of foundation.
We have a hunger to build eging rod with high performance, superior durability and low budget while taking advantage of our skills and technology.
We hope that fishing rod from YAMAGA Blanks is going to be used by much more anglers. That is ambition what we put into Mebius series.
It is quite difficult to keep low budget while pursuing performances and quality.
But we have succeeded to achieve those elements as making extensive use of our techniques of design and quality of factory.
That is how we build fishing rods and once you fish with Mebius series you will definitely know as much about our policy and performance of blanks.
We offer you 6 different type of character for Mebius series as such as short length, light weight model or medium heavy class to cover various situation that you are going to face.
Of course you can take one as main rod, you can also take one as a substitution for specific circumstances.
We put our full of passion, spirit, knowledges and techniques of YAMAGA Blanks as a rod manufacturing bland into this Mebius series.

This is the light class model which is good for short pitch jerk and jerk making use of line slack.
You can cast even light weight of Egi with comfortable feeling thanks to flexibility and moderate repulsive force so good to be used on sight fishing technically.
Yet it have enough power to keep huge squid under control, you will manipulate Egi with less power than others. Once you fish with it you will recognize that it have gotten high potential to be used in all season.
88L have been designed to cast, manipulate Egi and hooking up with super fine PE line without any stress.
This is the one for angler who is pursuing result more than anybody else.