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Satisfying six-stage face-to-face storage capacity.
A full-contact body bag of practical run-and-gun type for EGI (wood lures) with a round cut that fits your waist and a shoulder belt that fits your body.
Possible to accommodate a maximum of 20 EGI (wood lures) up to the No. 4 EGI (wood lure) in size and a maximum of 10 EGI (wood lures) up to the No. 3 EGI (wood lure) in size for a total of 30 EGI (wood lures) individually with no hook cover required.


● Number of Egi (wood lures) stored: 30 (up to No. 4 Egi × 20 and No. 3 Egi × 10)
● External dimensions: 255 × 130 × 175 mm

A face-to-face six-stage type that stores 30 Egi (wood lures)

The four-stage inner face-to-face type stores a maximum of 20 Egi (wood lures) up to No. 4 Egi (wood lure) in size.
The outside is of two-stage face-to-face type that can accommodate 10Egi (wood lures) up to No. 3 Egi in size.
Possible to remove and wash the product with running water.

Body bag & front pocket

The round cut that fits your waist and a shoulder belt that fits your body.
Possible to reduce the shifting of the product when bending your body, and to move the bag to the front side of your body with ease at the time of Egi (wood lure) change by hanging the bag on the left shoulder. A mesh cushion that will scarcely become stuffy even in summer is adapted to the part that comes in contact with the body.
Put small items in the gusset pocket on the front side of the bag.

Leader line pocket & snap holder

Equipped with a leader line pocket that allows quick leader line change.
Best to pull out the desired length and cut it with 5 cm left.

The snap attached to the snap holder can be removed with ease by holding and twisting the snap with on hand.